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Landscape Curbing

What is Landscape Curbing?

Landscape curbs are a continuous concrete edge or border. These curbs are designed to replace bricks, pavers, and wood, plastic or metal edging traditionally used to create separation or a transition between landscaping and/ or garden elements and the lawn. Landscape curbs from Accent Curbz is a continuous reinforced concrete edge that looks and feels like authentic brick and stone.


Air Craft Cable Reinforcement:


Accent Curbz was the first to add air craft cable to our curbz to provide a stronger more durable product for our customers so that we can guarantee the best landscape boarder on the market.


What to do with landscape curbs:

  • Flower or Garden Beds

  • Tree Edging or Circles

  • Pathways

  • Walkways / Driveways

  • Path Makers

  • Playgrounds

  • Sand Boxes

  • Water Run-off Control or Drainage

  • Ponds or Pools

  • Fence & Property Lines

  • Parks

  • Golf Courses


Ready to get started…….

call Accent Curbz now at 417-429-8898.

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Concrete Resurfacing

Accent Curbz in Springfield transforms ugly concrete into beautiful architectural features by resurfacing with stains, finishes, and overlay systems.

Are you bored with your existing hardscaping? Is your concrete worn and unsightly?  Has the harsh winter damaged your driveway, sidewalks and patios?  Perhaps, you would like to rejuvenate these areas and update the color also.

Imagine how inviting your space could be just by our Accent Curbz team resurfacing / overlaying your concrete, or carving it into a “stone” look, and /or color staining. Our Accent Curbz artisans can rejuvenate, enhance or change the color and look of your patios, sidewalks, garages, walls, storm shelters, basements, and pool decks.

Accent Curbz at Springfield can transform almost any concrete surface, indoors or out, with a decorative coating, often referred to as an overlay,  and at a much lower cost than removal and replacement.  However, not all existing concrete can be repaired or resurfaced. The underlying base for an overlay must be sound. If your concrete is heaving, has severe cracks, has severe spalling due to damage from deicing salts and freeze-thaw cycles, or resting on unstable soil, resurfacing may not solve your problems. When any of these conditions exists, total replacement may be your best option.  Accent Curbz knowledgeable consultants can advise you of your best options.

Accent Curbz is an Elite Crete certified installer.  Elite Crete is always leading the industry with durable concrete restoration solutions.  Elite Crete resurfacing, overlay and coating systems protect your concrete and give you a beautiful and easy to care for livable space.

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