Ideal Landscape Edging For Curb Appeal in Springfield, MO

Accent Curbz is a company based in Springfield Missouri that specializes in decorative concrete. The organization has been recognized as southwest Missouri’s expert in designing and installing continuous concrete landscape borders, commonly referred to simply as “accent curbz”. What is meant by “continuous” is that the concrete is extruded as one long piece of landscape edging. Because the concrete landscape edging is “continuous”, it won’t shift like brick, stone or rock.
Accent Curbz was the first to introduce aircraft cable reinforcement to concrete edging in the Springfield area. All accent curbz landscape curbing is reinforced with aircraft cable to prevent separation from the effects of the freeze and thaw conditions of four seasons in the Ozarks.
The company’s concrete artisans are well trained and talented in creating with decorative concrete. When you think of concrete, you think of cold and ugly, right? How can Accent Curbz landscape borders make your home look so warm and inviting? Concrete is an amazingly versatile medium from which to create. Creative designs are endless from the form and color to the texture. Accent Curbz skilled artisans can simulate natural materials, such as rock and stone, to the very contemporary. Concrete can be carved, textured, colored, stamped, polished, stained and embellished. This means that whatever the architecture, style, or color theme of your home, a suitable landscape edging can be designed to easily incorporate into your home’s overall curb appeal.
Accent Curbz’s curbing is very versatile in form and function. Their crew extrudes continuous landscape borders following the natural terrain. This means that walk out basement homes and homes built on a sloped site, no longer require built up flower bedding areas. The effect of accent curbz is beautiful and saves money that may have been spent on extra fill dirt, block, or flower bed retaining walls. Accent curbz is a great solution to retain mulch and decorative landscape rock in the bedding areas, and redirect water flow.
Landscape curbing makes lawn mowing and edging much easier and less time consuming. Simply, place your mower deck wheel on the curbing and reduce string trimming. If you decide to string trim, you will have a solid landscape border, that is a breeze to trim along and without the risk of slinging mulch or landscape rock.
Seamless concrete borders are used for numerous functions. Besides, defining landscape, continuous curbing is used to line driveways and parking lots. Accent curbz helps contain gravel in driveways while providing an easy to mow edge against the lawn. Often, homeowner’s choose to enhance their concrete or asphalt driveways with continuous curbing to add landscape areas with an easy to mow border.
Other applications for concrete landscape borders include lining walkways, encircling above ground utilities such as propane tanks, and surrounding mail boxes. Concrete borders are used for miniature golf courses, putting greens, parking lots, tree rings, signage, green spaces and the list goes on and on.
Most accent curbz landscape borders are installed in just one day.
Talk to the company’s artisans and tell them what you like and your style so that your landscaping and curb appeal is customized to reflect your personality. Do not hesitate to contact Accent Curbz and let them turn your home into a dream home with a new look. Your friends and guests will not stop talking about your beautiful and elegant home.

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